Acoustic Comfort

Sound absorbing furniture: LaCividina performances
From the advanced LaCividina design arise sofas and armchairs that can improve the acoustic comfort of any environment, helping to reduce the spreadof noise and the reverberation time inside.
The structures of the LaCividina collections are sustainable and are made with raw materials selected from the beginning for soundproofing qualities.
From the polyurethane foam, cut by block and with open cell, to the woodenframe and the polyester fiber covering, each element of the LaCividina upholstery allows to obtain high performances of sound comfort

The Pinch test
The iconic Pinch sofa by LaCividina has been tested in a reverberating rooma ccording to the parameters of ISO 20189: 2018 standards, which allows you to identify the sound absorption coefficient for indoor furniture products.
The results show that, if positioned inside a medium-sized room, Pinch – alone -is able to ensure the same acoustic performance that would be obtained by coating the ceiling with the best sound-absorbing panels on the market.