Introducing Sustainability with


Handmade details ensure the best esthetic result
To create an elegant and soft effect
Seats design enhance sound-absorbing features
Every part of the product can be stripped by hand
The key to a durable and flawless collection
To recycle and reuse every part of the product

LaCividina is sustainability

Designing a product, imagining it among its users, detailing its life cycle: even before the production process, good design always leads to choices that affect sustainability.
Choices that encompass multiple values ​​and that go beyond the boundaries of ecology alone, embracing a more complex sphere, in which the economic and social element plays a primary role, closely related to environmental development.

To design in a sustainable way is to dialogue with the context and solve its needs, seizing its opportunities for progress and the regenerative nature.
If, in the seventies, the emergence of the environmental issue had highlighted the urgency to take care of the sustainability of a product during its cycle of use, the design of the future requires us to imagine the possible new lives of each object.

For almost half a century, LaCividina has been sustaining the principles of circularity and regeneration, offering collections that, from the outset, are ready to become something other than themselves, because they are made of one hundred percent recyclable and manually separable materials until the product is disposed of.
Seats and accessories can end their function but continue to represent an inexhaustible source of environmental and economic value that is renewed in every process of recycling or reuse of the material.

In fact, the pure idea of ​​a design object finds its meaning only within an evolved planning that, when lowered in the natural and social context, is enriched and shaped through the exchange of information with the outside world.
With this awareness, LaCividina sustains projects that respond to market needs, by relating the human and environmental components, with a view to zero-impact development. Reduction of waste and consumption reveal the organizational and imaginative skills of a company oriented towards creating effective collections, characterized by impeccable workmanship.

LaCividina sustains the artisan skills of its territory by carrying out each production process within a radius of only fifty kilometers from its headquarters, in the heart of the Italian Northeast.

A choice that enhances the authentic made in Italy and that is also reflected in a careful management of corporate emissions, increasingly limited in terms of transport, energy consumption and use of material resources.

From intuition to the final preparation of a space, LaCividina designs sustainability through sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories that express their conceptual and concrete value in each phase of construction. Valuable projects that highlight the company’s ability to create innovation and cultivate its knowledge.

LaCividina sustains its ability to think forward